Step 1:   Determine how much home can you purchase.

  • Check your Credit Rating
  • Calculate How Much Home You Can Afford – Calculate

2. Find a Realtor

3. Getting pre-qualified and pre-approved

  • pre-qualified
  • pre-approved
  • What mortgage is right for you

4. Searching the the Perfect House

  • What Area ( rural or urban )
  • School District do you want to live in.
  • What are the Must Have’s and Would Like To Have’s
  • How many bedrooms
  • Style: Contemporary, traditional, or other
  • Single Home, Condo, Townhouse
  • Local amenities: parks, transportation, services etc.

Having a good realtor can assist you in determining your perfect home by asking the right questions. Lifestyle questions will also determine your style of living you are expecting in a property that will add to your everyday home experience. ( lifestyle:  urban, rural, with a view, lakefront, golf community, senior living,Do you entertain a lot, a guest room, inlaw suite, pets that need a yard, etc )

5. Making an Offer

6. Working with the Lender

7. Contract to Settlement