What is a Buyers Agent

The Buyers Agent

What is a Buyers Agent?

The Buyers Agent works to find a suitable property that meets the buyers specifications.   A Buyer Agency Agreement gives the buyer, including but not limited to a degree of,  representation, a fiduciary relationship, protecting the Buyers interest in a transaction and evaluating and negotiating in the purchase of a property on behalf of the Buyer.

Best of all – ALL THIS FOR FREE.  The Buyers agent is paid by the seller !

Over 90% of Sellers use a real estate agent to sell their house. The Sellers agent once under agreement has the fiduciary responsibility to the Seller only and must maintain the trust and confidentiality only to the Seller.  A Buyer without any agency representation is not protected by the Sellers agent in the transaction. Again, the Sellers agent is only working for the Sellers interest not the Buyers.  If the Buyer is represented by an agent so call a buyers agent than at that time the Buyers interest is protected.  The Seller pays a commission to sell their house to the sellers agent. The sellers agent will in most cases split the commission 50/50 to the buyers agent in procuring a buyer for the property.

A Buyer’s agent will have many task to accomplish in working on your behalf. They will also give you a more realistic picture of the home, the neighborhood, and for what price you should pay.

A Buyer’s agent will seek out a property that meets your needs by having access to a wider range of properties that the general public may not ordinarily be exposed to including some that are not advertised.

Buyers agents understand the market indicators and can optimise your “needs list” based on their experience.  All this can save you money, time and stress and lessening the chances of making an ill-informed decision.

So, even if you can outsource all this work and more to someone working for you best interest, WHY NOT?

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