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Rental Property Owners   

Property owners are finding that a good rental agent really pays off.



Questions to ask yourself…….             

  • How long will it take to find the right tenant ?
  • How many appointments and no shows will you spend time on ?
  • When advertising for and interviewing a prospective tenant are you in compliance with the Fair Housing Act.                Not knowing this can get you in trouble and be expensive.
  • Rental  Applications: The do’s and don’t when using this form to be in compliance. Many online rental                          application forms ask one simple question that can get you in trouble.
  • Will you pull a credit and background check and if so are you inspected for the type of credit report you really              need ? Why credit scores are not good enough.
  • What are your risk and the chances of no rent payments after the first month or two ?
  • If you get a bad tenant, what will it take to remove them and at what expense to you and the property itself ?
  • Are you a hands on property owner ?
  • How do you find the right agent to make it easy and worth your while?

  Answer to the above is:  The right agent will have the experience, professionalism, achieve quality results and will back up their performance with a guarantee.

Michaelangelo possesses these attributes for quality results that your rental needs to achieve its goals.  Consider the below experience,

  • Michaelangelo has 25 years of experience in the residential rental market.
  • Management experience in:
    • Single family housing
    • Multi family housing
    • Government subsidized housing
    • Student housing consisting of 80 units.
  • He has given numerous seminars on a number of landlord issues.
  • Written a book on how to get good tenants.
  • Member of  the state Residential Owners Association. An organization that advocates for rental property                        through state legislation.
  • Realtor in bucks county and is passionate about real estate.
Feel free to Contact Michaelangelo for a consultation of your rental needs. 
 Direct # :  (215) 470-1983
 e-mail:      michaelangelo@kw.com